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Do you need a Loan, Capital, Cash?

We have many National and International funding sources available that can provide you with the loan, capital, or cash you need whether for business or non-business use.

These funding sources are available for most any monetary size or type of deal whether the collateral asset will be in the USA or in some friendly foreign country.

Whether you need soft money, hard money, construction money, or perhaps your are attempting to refinance a project- check us out.

Or is some form of receivables financing what you need? (There are many other kinds of assets that can be turned into cash.)

If you are seeking a loan, click on the Intake Form *. That will download the form on your browser. Please fill it out as appropriate and return it via email to <> and we will review you request and get back to you.

* You may also contact us directly through email with your request.

We are ready to help you get what you need..

No obligations and no up front fees. We work on success only.

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