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Recent Project Examples


Amt. Seeking Project Type Country/State
$3M Expansion Coffee production Uganda
$5M Debt/Equity Water safety California
$50M Debt Offshore Energy production USA
$202M Debt Waste to power Poland
90M Debt Biodiesel, ethanol Georgia
22M Sale Hotel Spain
7.9M Sale Villa Spain
$500M Partners sale Display Technology Switzerland
$10M Sale/Debt Natural gas Peru
$15M Sale Payment Tech Europe
$7M Bridge Hospitality United Emirates
$205M Debt + Hospitality United Emirates
$95M Debt Construction & energy Honduras
$100M Debt Hotel Purchase Jordan
$1.7M Bridge Loan Development USA/Pennsylvania
$2M Debt Aviation USA
$35M Debt Oil / Natural gas Peru
$35M Debt/Equity Golf resort, Hotel, etc. Cyprus
35M Debt/Equity Medical & housing Cyprus
$59.6M?? Sale Winery + mine Expansion California
$78.5M Debt/Equity Waste to Energy Bulgaria
$40M Debt Construction/resort India
£10M Debt Upgrade Scotland
24M Debt Upgrade Crete
$105M Debt Gold Mine purchase Brazil
$20M Debt/Equity Gas exploration Peru
$20M Hard Money Mine - Gems Mozambique
$500M Debt Agriculture Uganda
$10M Debt/Equity Purchase 8 stores New Zealand
$30M Debt Copper Mine Brazil
$900M Debt waste - power Mozambique
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