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Account Payables Reduction Program


Would a reduction of 35% to 80% or more and/or a payout period of 12 to 60 months for your problem Accounts Payable help your business today?

Would it be a benefit to your company to no longer have to deal with Creditor calls that are interfering with the smooth operation of your business and sometimes harassing you to the point of not even wanting to pick up the telephone?

Would it be an advantageous to your business if we could buy you some time, as well as reduce and properly manage your debts in a professional manner to where your payments would be within a monthly budget YOU create?

If this financing program could do all of the above and save you anywhere from 25 to 50 cents on the dollar of your problem Accounts Payable - including all fees which would be derived from a percentage of the money you save thus fees are only collected if you save money, and there are NO UPFRONT FEES - thus ZERO RISK - would you be interested?

If you can set aside about 5% of your monthly debt we can work with you to reduce those debts.

If the answer is "YES" to any (or all) of the above, it is time to put this debt reduction program to work for you.

This debt reduction program is run by a commercial debt management company. It provides a unique (and seldom heard of) service that is much in demand. It can handle EVERY ONE of your problem Accounts Payable from Creditors to collection agencies and all the way to lawsuits and judgments. Whether you have $2,500.00 in Accounts Payable problems or $25,000,000.00 or more in Accounts Payable problems they can help. They can reduce your problem debts up to 89%. The fee for the service is a percentage of the money they save you. Thus, they only make money when they save you money. It is mathematically impossible for you to lose money with this savings program.

As soon as they go to work for you, three important things happen: 1) Your Creditor calls stop because they have to deal with the debt reduction company; 2) They buy you time so you can concentrate on running and beginning to rebuild your business; and, 3) They make you money. As we said, even with their fees they will save you 25 to 50 cents on the dollar of your problem Accounts Payable.

They are writing the book on debt negotiations, and setting a new standard for working with clients that have problems with their accounts payable. Their professional negotiators are trained to respond to all Creditor communications positively. Once you hire them they will also work on your personal debt (if some exists), as well as any disputed debt contingent upon where it is in the collection cycle. They work on ALL undisputed debt - debt you agree you owe, but just cannot pay. It does not matter that the debt is with the Creditor, collection agency, attorney or even that you have a lawsuit or judgment against you. They will always negotiate on your behalf, but they do not offer legal service or legal advice. They WILL settle ALL of your debts and accomplish it in a very positive way that will become a major asset to your ongoing business.

Their success, which equals your success, is enhanced when they are able to attack your problems early. In other words, they will save you more money when they can negotiate with the Creditor versus a collection agency. They will save you more money when they can negotiate with a collection agency versus an attorney with a lawsuit. They will save you more money when it is a lawsuit versus a judgment. Bottom line - the sooner they get the debt, the more money you will save. You cannot control where the debt is today - except to turn it over as soon as possible. However, in future, when you see a debt becoming a problem, call us.

Once you put this debt reduction company on your team, they will immediately contact your Creditors (collection agency, attorney, etc.) and inform them to deal with us only. A special negotiator will be assigned to handle all of your settlements. They will give you a toll free telephone number to communicate with their national office. They will work together to help you with your monthly budget and to develop your case regarding why your problems exist. This history building step is important because it enables their negotiator to properly represent you with all parties concerned. By developing a strong, positive working relationship with an open line of communication at both ends THEY WILL SOLVE ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNT PAYABLES PROBLEMS - PERIOD!

Enough said. Your Accounts Payable problems are not going to go away, so let us get started today. Please give us a call and put us in your corner. You have absolutely nothing - ZERO - to invest or lose, and your entire business to gain. We look forward to working with you.


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