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Medical Financing


Medical Receivables: Financing of medical receivables can provide a predictable cash flow for the medical professional, hospital, or provider. These programs let you get paid for services when they are rendered. You don't have to wait for months!

Some of the many possible providers that can be funded are:  Physicians and surgeons (individuals and group practices), Medical staffing services, Physical therapy clinics, Pharmacies, Acute care hospitals, Rehab hospitals specialty hospitals, Surgery centers, Outpatient clinics, Dialysis facilities, Imaging centers, Ambulance companies, Nursing homes, Home Health Care, Medical labs, Durable medical equipment (DME and home medical equipment (HME) companies, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Oral Surgeons, Urgent care centers, and Workers Comp health care providers.


Supplies: Are you a supplier of items or services to a medical facility? If so, there are companies that often can provide you with the capital you may need for your business. Please refer to our invoice section for more information or contact us directly with your needs.


Equipment: If your facility needs to upgrade, replace, or acquire new medical equipment we have leasing companies that can provide that service.


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