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Lawsuit Financing


We have financing sources that can provide needed funds to the plaintiff or attorney during pre-trial, trial, and settlement phases of many lawsuits.

Plaintiff financing can provide needed funds during a critical time of the proceedings. In many situations a defendant with the "big bucks" may delay the trial in order to create a financial hardship for the plaintiff (and even the attorney). This puts the plaintiff in a weak position and can cause a settlement to take place at a lower figure than might otherwise be possible. By providing funds to the plaintiff this can keep the pressure on the defendant to settle at a larger amount.


Attorney financing can be helpful in some situations such as above. Or perhaps you are a law firm that needs additional funds for business expansion, new hires, new technology, or even funds to start a case. Loans can range from $100,000 to over a $1,000,000.


Have you been awarded a Structured Settlement in a case but you need the funds sooner than they will be provided according to the settlement? We have companies that provide those kinds of advanced funds.


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