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Asset Based Lending


This type of funding is usually based on the account receivables of the business plus some other hard asset. Using these as collateral, the funder sets up a Credit Line for the business.

Bank lines of credit are quite common. However, what is not as well known are the private companies that offer non-bank lines of credit. The qualifications for these credit lines are usually much more lenient and flexible than those with the banks. They also tend to be willing to offer larger credit lines than a bank would for the same business conditions. The security for the lender is usually one or more assets such as receivables, inventory, equipment, and real estate (business or personal). These lines typically start at around $100,000 and go up to about $3,500,000. The costs tend to be lower than for factoring (see Invoices) and the borrower is normally stronger than a factoring borrower.

A Line of Credit (Asset Based Lending) allows a business to draw down on a pre-approved maximum amount of money. There are usually setup charges and of course interest fees for the money used.

  • Many Advantages such as:
  • Lower Cost Of Money Than Factoring.
  • Easier To Qualify Than For A Bank Line Of Credit.
  • May Be Able To Supplement A Bank Line Of Credit.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Harder To Obtain Than Factoring
  • Usually Ties Up All Receivables
  • Less Operational Flexibility.
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